LED: World Superyacht Awards 2013

LED: World Superyacht Awards 2013

LED: World Superyacht Awards 2013

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World Superyacht Awards 2013


May 04, 2013


The World Superyacht Awards in 2013 returned to the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul. And it did so in style as we created a 30m video wall – an entire set made of LED panels. This provided an incredible dynamic shifting backdrop that alternated between being branding for the event and sponsors, a screen for incredible yacht footage and a canvas for permanently changing effects. The awards themselves began with a specially-created opener across every pixel of the giant screen as the splendour of the sea was evoked in a visual melange of videos, pictures and text set to John Masefield’s “I Must Go Down To The Seas Again” read by stage and film actor Robert Pugh (The Ghost, Master and Commander).

Natasha Kaplinsky was our host for the awards themselves and this year’s edition was the biggest and best in the event’s eight year history. Next stop: Amsterdam for the 2014 edition in a fourth host city.